Extensions are granted on different categories of visas as per requirements on case-to-case basis. The foreigner seeking extension must ensure that he/she submits application and the required supporting documents for extension well before date of expiry of visa. The conditions and supporting documents required for extension of visa:-

2 sets of below mentioned documents are requested by the applicant:

  1. Original valid Passport and Visa.
  2. Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled (to be filled on computer terminals at this office).
  3. Four passport size photographs (4 cm x 4 cm colour photo with white background, ears distinctly visible, without spectacles and caps).
  4. Resident permit book available at office for Rs. 25/-.
  5. Letter from the person or firm (in India) with whom foreigner intended to do business, mentioning type of business, volume of business in current year, etc.
  6. Copy of bill of lading or invoices
  7. Undertaking in the prescribed format on the letter head of the company/firm, duly signed by the authorized signatory mentioning name and contact number, taking responsibility of the foreigner during his/her stay in India and to repatriate the foreigner at their cost if situation arose.
  8. Bank remittance showing that he/she is a person of assured financial standing.
  9. Copies of passport(photo-page) and (page indicating validity), page bearing arrival stamp of Indian immigration.
  10. Copy of Indian visa
  11. Copy of Pan Card and Income Tax papers including TDS certificate for current assessment year.(if liable to pay income tax in India)
  12. Copy of Indian passport/copy of election card of a person signing undertaking
  13. Contract or assignment letter from the company/firm concerned.
  14. Proof of Residence of the applicant i.e. copies of Electric bill/ Telephone Bill/Leave & licence agreement/company accommodation proof.
  15. Proof regarding gross sales/turnover from Business activities
  16. If late registration, Letter of Excuse for the delaying in submitting your registration papers

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