The Jilian Way

Our values and behaviors define the expectations we have for working together and with clients. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures across the firm, they are what we all have in common. They capture our shared aspirations and expectations, and guide how we make decisions and treat others.

People Matter

Jilian has launched a firm-wide effort — Be well, work well – to empower our people to prioritize their well-being through the four dimensions of energy. Be well, work well is more than hitting the gym and eating healthy.

Why Jilian

From empowering mentorships to customized coaching, Jilian provides you with support to help you develop your career. You’ll work with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to solve important problems. Are you ready to grow?

Professional Development

We emphasize the importance of real-time feedback, so that our people continually improve their professional skills and enhance their personal brand. We also offer a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities so our people stay relevant in the marketplace and build their credentials and experiences.


We act with integrity

We speak up for what’s right, even when that’s the harder option.

We care.

We understand our employees

About each other, about our clients, about empowering everyone to do their best.


We want you to be the best you possible.

We know feedback, collaboration and diverse perspectives make our work stronger.

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