For the past two years, Chinese enterprises are expanding their worldwide presence by overseas investment. India, as the new node of the Belt and Road Initiatives, which has natural geographical advantages, not only possesses high potential market environment but also occupies stronger development advantage in many areas.

The overseas investment strategy of Chinese enterprises is also looking for raw materials, energy and infrastructure projects from developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and gradually turning to emerging Internet and technology enterprises. Entering the Indian market has become a bright spot for Chinese enterprises to go out in recent years.

It is one of the main challenges for Chinese investors to adapt to the local government regulation, cultural environment, infrastructure, and to advance the local operation in a solid manner. The India investment exchange conference held in ShenZhen by Jilian consultants on August 2, 2019. Jilian consultants has made a key share of Indian company implementation plan, financial tax policy, investment preferential policy and implementation of Indian financial company in the conference.

The population of India has reached to 1.353 billion, which brings a huge consumer market. India is a huge potential market for China, also an indispensable partner of China to realise the great strategic vision of the Chinese nation for the Belt and Road Initiatives, two hundred years’ planning and the realization of the Chinese nation’s great strategic. By the beginning of 2019, there were 20 unicorns in India and jumped sharply in 2018, according to CBinsights. Unicorns are already in the top five in the world. These unicorns are mainly concentrated in mobile payments, eCommerce, online car hailing, catering takeout, social networks, hotel chains, and so on.

Wan Jun

Founder and GM of Jilian Consultants

Wan Jun, the founder of the Jilian consultants, said that with the rapid development of India’s economy and the growing market, more and more Chinese companies start to focus on and set foot on the emerging market in India. And its low labor cost, abundant natural resources and huge potential consumer market will be a springboard to achieve the long-term goal of global expansion. But how to establish a deep understanding of the place of investment is a challenge that all Chinese enterprises going to sea can face and must solve.

Founder Wan Jun also said that Jilian Consultants’ core idea is to make the enterprise cross-border services more convenient. Not only to provide customers with the most effective and practical planning, but also tailored solution for each client.

Mr. Naresh Kumar, consul of the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou, said that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world economy, the infrastructure facilities are improved year by year, and the global ranking of business convenience is also gradually improving. The government has issued preferential policies to attract investment one after another. And India is a country with a high proportion of young labor force, with sufficient labor force and a large number of outstanding talents. With the huge market consumption potential, more and more Chinese companies, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi and so on, have begun to set up R & D bases in India. The high demographic dividend, the rapid growth of the economy, as well as a stable political environment and policy support are the main reasons why India has become a global capital force.

Mr. Naresh Kumar, consul of the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou

. In order to give investors a more intuitive understanding of the investment environment in the Indian market, Jilian Consultants specially held the India investment exchange conference, analyzing India market from different angles. Including pre-investment consulting service, investment, company and factory establishment, and later operation and management process explanation, so as to let Chinese enterprises have an in-depth understanding of the investment environment.

Founder Wan Jun with Shanghai Team

Absolutely, there are still some practical problems in the actual operation after investment , such as the circulation of goods in industries and manufacturing industries. For these, NCT, a well-known port service company in India, explains the landing solutions of import and export logistics in India on site on behalf of NCT.  The professional lecturers of Jilian consultants also shared in detail the preferential policies of Indian states in 2019, Indian fiscal and tax policies, Indian financial companies and licensing scheme, and Chinese enterprises’ landing plan in India.

The lectures of Jilian consultants also gave an on-site lecture on India’s investment policy compliance and other issues of great concern to the guests. Especially in the process of investment, trade, contracting projects and labor cooperation in India, we should pay attention to the risk of exchange and profit remittance and policy risk, pay special attention to the prior investigation, analysis and assessment of related risks, do a good job of risk aversion and management in the process of doing a good job of risk aversion and management, and effectively protect their own interests. Jilian consultants has been concentrated in India market, with wholly fund subsidiary and professional management team, also CA and lawyers, which can provide a total solution for investment enterprises.

Jilian consultants is focus on cross-border enterprise service. More than 10 years of development, has grown into a cross-border enterprise one-stop comprehensive service group, which provide cross-border company registered,factories establishment, the financial license, tax planning and fiscal and tax consulting the five main business, and has eight core advantages, including exclusive plan, self-owned team, multi-dimensional management and so on. Jilian consultants  has completed nearly 100 countries and business layout in the world, and in India, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil and more than a dozen countries to set up direct subsidiaries, achieved round-the-clock cross-border business 7*24H seamless docking.