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GST (Goods and Services Tax) is essentially an Indirect tax which has been implemented to replace numerous taxes in India.

Our Team will consult you and help you with the drafting and Documents than we will submit application to GST Department with necessary details and documents.


Not having GST Registration : 100% tax Due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher.
  • Not giving GST invoice : 100% tax due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher
  • Incorrect Invoicing : Rs 25,000
  • Not filing GST Tax Returns : For Nil Return its Rs 20 Per Day, Regular Returns Rs 50 Per Day.
  • Choosing Composition Scheme even if not eligible : 100% tax due or Rs10,000. Whichever is higher

TDS Return

Anyone who is held liable for paying tax is required to file TDS return. You need to submit the quarterly statement of TDS return to the I-T Department of India.

When it comes to file a TDS return, you first have to obtain a valid Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN). If you have to deduct TDS on payments, you need to assess them.


As a component of our  Service Range, we offer believable Application Filing Service for PAN and TAN No. Our PAN & TAN No. Application Filing Service is extremely prevalent among our customers in view of the expert methodology with which we offer them. We likewise give tweaked answers for our customers for filling administration for TAN and PAN Applications.

Income Tax Filing

All the individuals and business taxpayers have to announce their taxable incomes in a form from all sources, tax payments, and eligible deductions. This is known as Income Tax Filing or ITR filing process.

GST Returns 

According to GST Act, it is mandatory for every registered taxpayer to provide details of their purchases and sales, including tax collected and paid by filing GST returns. It is important to provide accurate information to the department. All transactions are synced with one another. So, no transaction can be left unnoticed.

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