The Company Secretary

Every company having a paid-up

share capital of Rs.1M more but

less than Rs.50M is required to

engage the services of a Secretary

in whole -time Practice for issue

Of compliance Certificate.

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Who is a Company Secretary?

  • Is a vital link between the company and its Board of Directors, shareholders, government and regulatory authorities and all other stakeholders.

Ensures that Board procedures are followed and regularly reviewed and provides guidance to the Chairman and the Directors on their responsibilities under various laws.


What is DSC?

DSC stands for Digital Signature certificate. DSC is the digital equivalence of physical papers or certificates. It is needed to file the form electronically with the concerned department. For the purpose of Company Registration of a private company, DSC for one of the Directors is required.

What is a Directors Identification Number (DIN)?

DIN, Directors Identification Number, is actually an identification number issued to a Director or a prospective Director of a Company by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The concept of DIN was introduced for the first time when Sections 266A and 266G were inserted in Companies Act.

Do I need a resident director (Nominee Director)?

Your company can have as many directors as you want, but at least one needs to be local. If you do not have someone who can play the role, hire a nominee director. For example, there can be two directors: you and the nominee. If you apply for Employment Pass from your new company, you only need the nominee service while you wait for it (about 6 months). After that, you can be the only director.

What is an Employment Pass?

It’s a type of working visa issued per specific company so it can invite foreign professionals, managers, executives, and technicians. It allows you to work exclusively for that company, live and bring your family to Singapore. It’s valid for 1 or 2 years and can be renewed afterward.

How is the certificate of incorporation issued?

After the documents in FAQ 5 are filed, the ROC calls the attorney on a specific date for scrutiny and making the corrections in the MOA and AOA filed. On complying with the same, the certificate of incorporation is granted to the attorney.

What is the minimum paid-up capital of a Private Limited Company?

The minimum paid up capital at the time of incorporation of a private limited company has to be Indian Rupees 1,00,000 (about United States Dollars 2,000). There is no upper limit on having the authorized capital and the paid up capital. It can be increased any time, by payment of additional stamp duty and registration fee.

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