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We have the expertise to help you set up your global entities. Companies in over 80 countries trust us to organise company formation on their behalf.

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Our legal business services provide eDisclosure solutions, analytics and other … Conduent Legal and Compliance Solutions can deploy a combination of …

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We Offer wide spectrum of Accounting and Financial services which includes Accounting and Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance, Market Research .

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We serve every industry with unique and appropriate solution that expands their business over boundaries. Work with our skilled experts to get the best solution


Who is Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI)?

In brief, QFIs shall include individuals, groups or associations, Resident in a country that is a member of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) or a country that is a member of a group which is a member of FATF and resident in a country that is a signatory to IOSCO’s MMOU (Appendix A Signatories) or a signatory of a bilateral MOU with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). QFIs do not include FIIs/Sub accounts/ Foreign Venture Capital Investor. The definition of QFI is available at following lin

Can a Non Resident Indians (NRI) make investments by opening a demat account through QFI Route

An NRI cannot make investments simultaneously through the QFI route and portfolio investment scheme (PIS) route. However, a NRI can open demat account as QFI and make investments through this route provided he has closed all his demat account(s) opened as an NRI.

Is there any cap on the maximum shareholding limit by QFI?

Yes. The total shareholding by a QFI cannot exceed five percent of the paid up equity capital of any company at any point of time. This limit shall be applicable to each class of equity shares having separate and distinct ISIN. Further, the aggregate shareholding of all QFIs shall not exceed ten percent of the paid up equity capital of the company at any point of time, in respect of each equity share class having separate and distinct ISIN.

How does QFI invest in MF under Direct route?

QFI has to first remit the funds to its single non-interest bearing rupee account and then place the order through the QDP by providing details of the investment.The details are available at:

Can QFIs open bank account in India?

 Yes. A QFI may open a single non-interest bearing Rupee account with an AD Category –I bank in India subject to terms and conditions specified under FEMA, 1999 from time to time. The QDP shall operate this single non-interest bearing Rupee account for all investments made by QFI in India.

Is the investment through the QFI route freely repatriable?

Yes. The investment made through the QFI route is freely repatriable, subject payment of applicable taxes

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Company Secretarial

Company formation services
Directorship and officer services
International Entity Management
Transnational services
International document retrieval services
Registered and Process Agent –
Registered offices
International corporate structuring
Governance and regulatory compliance


We advise clients on structuring of the transaction in line with applicable RBI guidelines, FDI regulations, Income Tax provisions, SEBI regulations, DTAAs, stamp duty implications, etc. Our Corporate & Commercial team works closely with our strong tax, regulatory and competition practices enabling us to strengthen every deal structure and provide solutions to the most complex issues. This also helps us to provide a quick turnaround which is vital in any M&A transaction. ELP has also successfully structured capital flows such as dividend, royalty, fees for technical services, etc

Factory Set-Up

Business Planning: Developing sustainable business models, operation planning, market research and development.
Facility Set Up: Factory, workshop, or production line design, setup, and installation.
Product Development: Industrial and mechanical equipment design and prototyping.
Venture Capital Funding: Raising the necessary capital to develop products and businesses.


General ledger & financial statement preparation
Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
Accounting system setup for new businesses
Computerized payroll services
Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)
Personal financial statements


We are expert advisor & the best option for you when it comes to TM/LOGO/Trademark Registration. We take each & every case in a very professional manner & as we understand that TM is one of the biggest asset of your company/firm, our professional take it that way & support you in a very unique & transparent way. We are best in securing your brand name & your brand entity.

Financial advisory

A dedicated investment advisor to manage your investments
On-demand portfolio design and review
Quick investment advice over phone, email, chat and Skype
Access to expert-recommended fund recommendations and strategies that aim to improve your investment behavior
Innovative tools that allow you to implement the suggestions of your investment advisor in just the click of a button

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