Jilian Consultants provides a wide range of accounting services including bookkeeping, filing business tax return monthly, filing corporate tax return quarterly, individual income tax filing for local and foreign employees, annual tax audit, annual inspection, annual financial statements, annual calculation & declaration of income tax, customs annual checking, united annual examination etc..

Jilian consultants fully understand the taxation laws of India and have a lot of experience in tax practices and tax advisory.

Taxation in India

With sound knowledge of clients’ businesses and industries, we can assist clients in solving tax issues from India while identify operating risks and opportunities for clients. We also help our clients enhance their compliance, improve cash flow and seek more tax preferences. In addition our consultants are committed to planning innovative and complete tax schemes with professionalism and care for the different situations of every client.

We seek to further assist in integrated taxation arrangements between India and International taxation, aiming at reduction of tax charges for our clients.

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