‘Domiciliation’ refers to where the legal seat of your company is situated. Generally it refers to your company’s registered office address which is its formal address for legal purposes. In most jurisdictions, All legal correspondence is usually sent to this address. This address needs to be a physical location, not just a PO Box.

Many countries require a company to have a registered office address within their jurisdiction.

The main features of our domiciliation / registered office service include the following:

1.Legal address for your company in chosen jurisdiction
2. Holding of statutory records and registers for your company
3. Provision of Registered Agent (legal requirement in some countries)
4. Provision of Company Secretary (If required)
5. Provision of local Director/Representative (if required)
6. Phone number with messaging service can also be arranged

Jilian Consultants can provide a registered office service in all the jurisdictions that we operate in. We usually give our clients the best of both worlds by providing a cost-effective option in addition to a prestigious address within the main city or capital city. This can be important by giving your business a professional image. For more information please contact us.

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