foreign direct investment in India

Foreign Direct investment in India is governed by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under Ministry of commerce and Industry. The government of India has put in place a policy framework on foreign direct investment. This framework is embodied in the Circular on Consolidated FDI Policy, which may be updated every year.

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10 things to take care in 2020 by taxpayers

Every new year comes with new hopes, new aspirations, new responsibilities and new challenges. 2020 is a leap year, to leap forward taxpayer needs to abide tax laws in business. Let’s discuss few trend setting tax reforms forth coming which will change the dynamics of business in India. What are major things of GST

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Fortunes turning for NBFCs, shows health check

The fortunes of India’s shadow banks are showing tentative signs of recovery, indicating that a prolonged credit crisis may be beginning to ease. Two of four indicators compiled by Bloomberg that reflect the state of non-bank financial companies strengthened last month from October. A measure of top-rated five-year bond spreads got better, showing that shadow lenders’ borrowing costs

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