CAR web form

MCA is  developing a web form for companies to confirm their readiness to deal with Covid-19 threat. The web form called Companies Affirmation and Readiness (CAR) will be available on March 23.

  • The web form will be available from March 23 and needs to be filled by an authorised signatory

  • Companies/LLPs will have to declare their compliance with public health guidelines

  • Corporations told to extend work from home facility until March 31

The ministry of corporate affairs has deployed the web form for Company Affirmation of Readiness to confirm that companies or limited liability partners (LLP) are ready to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. With this, the companies and LLP will have to report their compliance with all the guidelines issued by the public health authorities to minimise the exposure of their employees.

“Since companies/ limited liability partnerships are major employers, especially in urban areas, their full participation and corporation is most essential to fully realise the object of social distancing as a means to contain the spread, morbidity, and mortality due to disease,” Injeti Srinivas, secretary at the ministry of corporate affairs