What is Private Limited Company?

1. It is a legal Entity approved by the Ministry of corporate affair India incorporated under Companies Act

2. Having feature of Limited Liability which means liability of the members will be limited.

3. Most reliable company setup Model as compare to other company setup model models like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership etc

How to Register a India Private Limited Company 

1st Step: Apply for Digital Signature

what is DSC: It is an electronic Signature which will be used to sign the e-forms, Income Tax Returns etc.

There are many companies like E-Mudra, Sify, N-Code provides digital signature where we can get DSC easily.

2nd step : Apply for DIN

DIN refers to  Director Identification Number. It is a number issued by ministry of corporate affair.

If a person wants to become a director in any company or

Partner in LLP then he needs to obtain DIN

Third Step: Apply for Name Approval

1.After getting the Digital Signature & DIN we have to file form for COI company’s Name Approval

2. Regarding this we have to give at least 3-4 name options which should be as per guidelines issued by the MCA.

Let’s divide the Company’s Name into three Parts: XYZ Services Private Limited

•Part I : Let Say XYZ ( totally your idea)

•Part 2 : Services/Solutions technologies etc (Describe the nature of business)

•Part 3 : Private Limited (type of the company)

It takes minimum 10-15 days in Incorporation subject to ROC approval