Best Consultants Company Registration Formation India


Ease of business doing is the motto of Government of India and Government may focus to attract more FDI investment in India.

Easy and simple way to start business in India by setting up private limited company in India. It may be 100% wholly owned Private company or any other composition of shareholding pattern as per their wish.

Best Consultants Company Registration Formation India

Types of Company

  1. Private company
  2. Public company
  3. Section 8 company ( the specific purpose of this company is  to welfare of society or promote in education or health care or social awareness)
  4. Non financial banking company (The special purpose of this company is to do banking activities or loan activity or related to financial activity)
  5. Foreign company (A company or body incorporated outside India and want to do business in India by establishing business place in India to do business activity in India through itself or by agent in the form of Branch office or Liaison Office or project office
  6. One person company

Requirement for establishing the private company –

  1. Minimum Requirement is 2 director and / or 2 shareholders.
  2. Two proposed name of the company.
  3. One Resident Director is mandatory.
  4. DSC of both Director (for applying DSc of Director, Id and address proof and DSc form is required in the case of Indian director, in the case of Foreigner as director, all the documents required to notarized and apostille)
  5. Registered office address
  6. Passport is mandatory document in case of foreign resident as a proof of id.
  7. Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/ bank statement not older than 2 month is address proof
  8. One passport size photo of director.
  9. If body corporate or foreign company is Shareholder of company , Authorized representative is required to sign the document and Board resolution authorize to make investment in Indian company. The corporation certificate and office address of body corporate is also required.
  10. If The documents is in local language other than English , then translate in English
  11. NOC required if the company name is similar to registered trademark

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