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5 things to Do Before Financial Year 2020

 5 things A Business owner  Should Do Before Financial Year- End. 1.Calculate Payable Advance Tax- Advance tax is payment of Income Tax on 'Pay As You Earn' ruled by Government. It Calculates the estimated income by all source of the organization, calculation of estimated Income Tax Liability and instalments as per due dates of

Latest RBI Updates

The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The Central Office of the Reserve Bank was initially established in Calcutta but was permanently moved to Mumbai in 1937. The Central Office is where the Governor sits and where policies


MCA is  developing a web form for companies to confirm their readiness to deal with Covid-19 threat. The web form called Companies Affirmation and Readiness (CAR) will be available on March 23. The web form will be available from March 23 and needs to be filled by an authorised

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MCA Changes rules for board meetings till June 30

Changes  allows directors to attend meeting via audio-visual means even for approval of financial statements and the board's report "A director attending a meeting via video conferencing or other audio-visual means is to be counted for the purpose of quorum" The Corporate Affairs Ministry has issued

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all MCA Latest Amendments

Latest Updates By MCA Find Latest Updates and Notice fication by  Ministry of corporate affair and GST Department. Sensitization of Nidhi companies towards compliance . Notice regarding Board meetings under the Companies Act, 2013 Meetings of Board and its Powers) Amendment Rules, 2020

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5 reasons of very heavy fall in Indian SENSEX.

BSE Sensex ended 1942 points lower at 35,635 while the NSE Nifty settled at 10,451, down 538 points. The stocks crash wiped out Rs 6.50 lakh crore of equity investors' wealth. Deepening fears about the spread of coronavirus and a crash in crude oil prices gave ammunition to the bears to push the domestic

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SBI to save Yes Bank

Yes Bank crisis: RBI unveils 'Scheme of Reconstruction'; says SBI has shown interest in investing cash-strapped private lender In a draft 'Yes Bank Ltd. Reconstruction Scheme, 2020', the RBI said the strategic investor bank will have to pick up 49 percent stake and it cannot reduce holding to below 26 percent before three years

ESI and PF Deduction

We have often found that Payroll administrators face challenges in identifying the most updated standards in these 2 areas – leading to wrong deductions and deposits, queries from government departments, the dreaded scrutiny and even fines. "This blog explains both schemes and describes the Rules of ESI and PF Deduction

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