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what is a Nidhi Company

A nidhi company, is one that belongs to the non-banking Indian finance sector and is recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. Their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members. They are also known as Permanent Fund, Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company. They are regulated

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How Low cost borrowing helping NBFCs

Borrowing costs for India’s top-rated shadow financiers declined last month, indicating that the nation’s prolonged credit crisis may be seeing some improvement.. "The worst seems to be over for shadow banks that have survived one of the longest credit crises in India," said Madan Sabnavis, chief economist at Care Ratings

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How to get FSSI license in India

Every Food Business Operator is required to be licensed/registered under the FSSAI. FSSAI Registration is required by small businesses like hawkers, petty retailers, etc whose annual turnover is less than Rs.12 lakhs per year. All food businesses exceeding this annual turnover limit of Rs 12 lakhs per year require a FSSAI License.

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what is Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was introduced in India by way of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. The basic premise behind the introduction of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is to provide a form of business entity that is simple to maintain while providing limited liability to the owners. Since, its introduction in 2010, LLPs

10 benefits of udhyog aadhar

The idea behind introducing Udyog Aadhar was to simplify the procedural format that business owners had to go through in order to register their business under Micro Small Medium Enterprise or MSME. Before the introduction of Udyog Aadhar, the procedural format for the same was quite hectic and a time-consuming bureaucratic process that used

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What is section 8 company

Section 8 Company can be registered for charitable purposes. Section 8 Companies are similar to Trusts and Associations. IndiaFilings can help you check Section 8 company name availability and register a Section 8 Company in India with Jilian Consultants. " a non-profit organisation can be registered as Trust by executing a

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Indian Producer Company

The economy of India is an agricultural centric economy. Around 60% of population depends on agricultural activities for their livelihood. But, the primary producers and farmers have had a long struggle in India. In order to address these problems, the Government of India set up an expert committee, led by Y.K. Alagh (an economist)

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